We gather to worship God on Sunday mornings at 8am and 10am.

People of all ages gather to worship God, listen to scripture and a message based on the day’s readings, to lift up our intercessions, and to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

Our 10am worship includes musical praises: hymns sung by the whole congregation, psalms to sing, grand old Anglican tunes, and special offerings by the choir and instrumentalists in our midst.

We seek and receive consolation, guidance, and the power of the Spirit to forgive, renew and restore us in God’s love and with our community of friends and strangers.

Sunday-school begins at 9:50 for children up to approximately 12 yrs old, with nursery care available. Over the past year they have learned stories and traditions of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Angels, Saints and all the whole earth. And they have made-up amazing plays for the congregation to hear again this wonderful story of salvation! Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Michael and the angels, All Saints-Join in!

Chaplains on the Harbor hosts a free dinner on Sundays, including several St. Andrew’s faithful in prayer, serving and cooking.

St. Andrew’s hosts a midweek celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Wednesday at 5:15pm-a time to reflect on the week so far and recall with thanks the graces given.

Tuesday at 12 Noon we host a scripture study. We follow a four-fold pattern in this time to read and dwell with the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday, converse, wonder, and listen for God’s living Word for us.  (currently on hold for 2018)