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Vestry Updates

Summary of Vestry meeting of October 21, 2020, 6 PM:

  • Minutes from the last several vestry meetings were approved and the Treasurer’s Report was approved. Of very encouraging note is that parishioners are keeping up with their pledges in spite of the pandemic. This is greatly appreciated.
  • The letter from the vestry to the people of St. Andrew’s regarding the background behind the decision to install a garden fence was approved and signed. This letter should be mailed out to parishioners in the next couple of days.
  • The Diocesan virtual convention takes place this Friday and Saturday. We have three parishioners plus our Priest-in-Charge taking part. We will be looking, in particular, for guidance regarding how churches are handling the Eucharist during this pandemic.
  • Fr. Bob is considering resuming celebration of the Eucharist starting in Advent. He is proposing prepackaged hosts and pre-filled and packaged wine cups that will be germ and virus free which we can obtain from Concordia Supply.
  • Fr. Bob noted that the 11-part “Exploring the Gospels” series is now complete and all episodes are available on the St. Andrew’s website. All of the older “Amazing Grace” and “Visions of Hope” videos are also still available on the website.
  • Currently we do not have any qualified applicants for the secretary position in spite of our working with WorkSource to find someone. Nancy will continue this work as a volunteer with the help of other parishioners, as needed. The vestry greatly appreciates Nancy’s time, efforts, and generosity in doing this work.
  • Daniel reports that they will be picking up the final group of Flexane plastic window coverings to finish the installation of the coverings for the stain glass windows in the church, hopefully within the next week. This is an important project and vestry greatly appreciates the work of Daniel and his helpers.
  • Daniel will look into how we might be able to get the floors in the Great Hall and Giles Hall refinished during this pandemic.
  • Alfred has worked with Nancy to set up regular backups for the main church computer. He is still working on the system for the very old computer used for pledge accounting.
  • There is no timeline, as yet, for installation by Star Electric of the outside camera system around the church, but this project is on Star Electric’s list of projects to do.
  • Stewardship letters for 2021 have been mailed to the parish. November 15 will be a blessing of the pledge cards, so we hope parishioners will send in pledges by then.
  • Regarding home visits, if any parishioners would like Fr. Bob to visit them or a loved one, please call the church office and let us know so we can work with you to schedule a visit.
  • Please note that the work of the Search Committee for a new rector has been on hold as directed by Bishop Rickel and the Diocese of Olympia. This delay is because of the pandemic. The parish is greatly appreciative of the work of Fr. Bob during this time as Priest-in-Charge.


Summary of Vestry meeting of September 30, 2020, 6 PM:

The Vestry met to discuss the garden fence project and the objections from some members of the parish. The Vestry as a group decided that we need to improve communications with the parish, made more difficult by the challenges of the pandemic since March. To improve communications a letter will be written to outline the reasons for the Vestry’s fence decision. We have a 3-4 month window before the contractor can install the fence because of the increased demand for this kind of fencing. So there is time to improve communication and increase overall parish understanding of the challenges St. Andrew’s is facing. 

entered: 10/1/2020


Summary of Vestry meeting of September 15, 2020, 6 PM:

Below is a summary of some of the items addressed that may be of interest to the parish:

  • Fr. Bob discussed with the Vestry some ideas of how St. Andrew’s might return to Eucharistic services. The ultimate decision will be made by Fr. Bob, the Priest-In-Charge.
  • Mert’s parking lot sale was very successful, generating in excess of $1,800 for the church.
  • The Vestry approved with comment the latest revised joint building use agreements.
  • Regarding church keys, if someone loses a key, that person needs to inform the church office as soon as possible.
  • Colin expects a firm price for the garden fencing by about Sept. 17. The Vestry has already provided approval of money to proceed with this project from the last (Aug. 19) meeting.
  • Daniel and helpers are installing the plastic coverings for the stain glass windows. Installation is a little less than half complete; Daniel and helpers need more material at this point. Project is continuing around the weather.
  • Alfred S. will provide assistance to provide computer backup systems for the church computers as well as training.
  • Alfred has a quote in hand from Star Electric to install 7  cameras and associated wiring around the church buildings. Total cost is about $3,000 for all cameras and installation. A motion to proceed with camera purchases and installation was made and passed.
  • The Diocesan Convention will be virtual this year.


The Vestry met on the evening of August 19, 2020 for a 2-hour meeting. Below is a summary of some of the items addressed that may be of interest to the parish:

  • Fr. Bob discussed the Diocesan review of St Andrew’s website. Glenn D. commented that, in general, the review was positive. The IT director was very complimentary regarding Fr. Bob’s Adult-Education videos, but thought they should be on a separate page of the website for Adult Education. That has now been addressed. Glenn is also doing the production work for the remote audio services and for Fr. Bob’s Adult-Ed video presentations.
  • We have not yet hired a new, paid church secretary. We had some applicants but they have withdrawn during this pandemic. We are continuing to pursue this.
  • Gayla has been working on a joint-use agreement document for those who use our church building. An item or two needs to be updated or corrected, and we hope to approve this document at the September meeting.
  • All the new members of the Vestry have gone through the “Safeguarding God’s Children” training now. Colin will be providing them keys to the church.
  • Colin presented a proposal for putting up a black, vinyl-coated fence around the church gardens. The Vestry voted to pursue this project to protect St. Andrew’s property better.
  • The plastic protective coverings for the stain-glass windows of the church should be put up in the next week or so to finish out this project. Gerhard has been heading this project.
  • The Search Committee for finding a new rector is still on hold until we obtain approval to proceed from the Diocese.
  • Alfred S. provided information to the Vestry on a camera system that could allow for better security and safety for church members. Alfred will provide another update at the September meeting.
  • We discussed refinishing the Great Hall floors but because this room is used for worship at present, the fumes from new varnish could present problems. Next summer, once we are out of this pandemic, may be a better time to pursue floor refinishing.
  • Fr. Bob will look into resuming visits with the home-bound of our church. More research needs to be done with the Diocese.
  • Mert is heading up a Parking Lot Sale for Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. Proceeds will go to the church.

Let us pray:
Almighty and ever living God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family.  Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent.  Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within our holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Amen