Rector: The Rev. Evan Graham Clendenin

Music Director: Merry Jo Zimmer

Secretary: Johnna Wesley


Senior Warden: Betty Paulsen

Junior Warden: Gerhardt Schmidtke

Treasurer: Betty Paulsen

Vestry: Barbara Dyer, Barbara Bennett-Parson, Greg Ericksen, Glenn Dorsch, and Gayle Powell

Together we work actively and in discernment for the governance and stewardship of the congregation’s mission.

Right now, the vestry’s primary focus includes the stewardship of finances, our physical assets and the relationships we cultivate thru them. This body continues to work with the rector and staff to support worship, music, hospitality and education. That means stewardship of the faithful in Christian life and mission.

In doing the right work, may we be equipped for healing, energy, and direction by the Spirit’s guidance.