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     Dear Friends of St. Andrews. Thank you!   Saturday’s $1 Parking Lot Sale on September 5th was a huge success in many ways. We brought in $1838.60. God bless you all. This was a fund raiser for our Building Renewal Fund.  (Many of us are looking forward to refinishing the hardwood floor of the Great Hall, and other things. 

     We had lots of cool donations from our church and community friends; plus other donation of time that played out in soooo may ways: carrying items upstairs and downstairs before and on Saturday, designing, making copies, and distribution of a flyer, bringing necessary items on the day of the sale, hauling tables down to the parking lot from the attic and back up, organizing items, making music happen, working the sale for several hours, packing and hauling leftover items to Habitat, the “B” Street Thrift Store, and the Goodwill.

     Thank you for the words of encouragement and for being a huge part of making this event a success. This thank you includes our Aberdeen neighbors and friends, and those who drove up from Pacific county. I’d like to send prayers of thanksgiving to the following people for their donation of time, talent, and goods: Alan, Anne B, Annette P and friend Rene, Barb, Dennis, and Shaen D, Bette W, Betty and Bob P, Bob H, Bobbi M, Candie G, Colin M, Daniel M, Danny S, Donavin R, Gayla B, Jane P, Jeff L, Jim C, James I, Kris D, Merry Jo Z, Nancy M, Norm A, Paul T, Sue M, and Susanne H. I pray I’ve not left anyone out. Please forgive me if I have. 

     Love and peace, Mert


We now have three (3) ways for you to experience worship at St. Andrew’s!  Given health concerns related to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have newly expanded our worship opportunities. 

  1. Livestream Morning Prayer service via ZOOM:  Prayer, scripture, sermon, and music will be offered in the comfort and safety of your own home.  Call the church office for instructions.
  2. Recorded worship service on our church website:  Join us for this remote service opportunity by going to the St. Andrew’s Episcopal website, below the word “Listening from home? Listen to this week’s remote service”. 
  3. Attend live church services in the Great Hall at 8:00am or 10:00am. If you decide to join us, please contact the church no later than noon on Saturdays, leaving your name, how many of you will attend, and which service you plan to attend.  The email and voice mail are monitored remotely so you will be counted.  You may enter the church building either at the “G” street entrance OR the rear door handicap entrance nearest the church parking lot.                                                                                                         

     Wear a face covering and join us as we practice safe distancing and all required best health            practices.  You will also need to bring the two forms that were sent in the mail to you, when you come.  As noted at the top, one form only needs to be turned in the first time.  The other will need to be turned in each time.


     Join us on Zoom after the service to connect with your St. Andrew’s community. Call the church office for instructions.