December 1           Winterfest Breakfast with Santa                      9am-11 am

December 2          1st Sunday of Advent

                                            Advent Wreath-Making for all ages, 9am-12noon

December 9 2nd Advent 8am, 10am Services

December 16 3rd Advent 8am, 10am Services

December 20 Neighborhood Walk & Caroling 6pm

Join us, and stay for winter refreshments.

December 22 Greening the Church 9am-12noon

December 23 4th Advent 8am, 10am Services, Pageant

December 24 Christmas Eve Services 7:30pm Caroling and Holy Eucharist 11pm   Mid-night Mass (incense)

December 25 Holy Eucharist 11am (spoken service)