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Committee Updates

Denise Cox, Chair | Bobbi McCracken | Glenn Dorsch | Doug Zimmer | Nichole Ericksen

Glenn Dorsch, Chair | Rob Cox | Gayle Powell | Doug Zimmer | Ann Morris | Bette Worth | Norm Adams

Profile Committee UpdateNovember 1, 2019
Thank you for participating in the Church Assessment Tool. We had 53 individual responses.
Next step is to meet with the consultant. This meeting has been scheduled for both the Search and Profile Committees the first part of November.
After meeting with the Consultant, we will present the information to the Vestry, then have a meeting with the parish to present the findings from the CAT survey to everyone.
Once we have presented the information to the parish, a copy of all the data from the CAT and the summary will be available in the church office.
We are currently working on the rough draft of the profile and will include the findings from the CAT survey in the St. Andrew’s Church Profile. Once we have all the pieces together, including pictures, we will then present the profile to the Vestry review. After that it will go to Bishop Rickel for final approval.
This is a long process, but we are working to make sure we have current information about our Parish, so we can hire the right person to be part of St. Andrew’s.

Profile Committee UpdateAugust 2, 2019
Please join the CAT process! It’s our future together.
The St. Andrew’s Profile Committee is continuing with its work of developing a profile of St. Andrew’s . The committee has decided to move forward with the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) to help us identify and learn more about our congregation, its strengths and weaknesses, what it values, where it wants to go, and what it wants in a rector.

We are currently working with the consultant to customize the CAT to St. Andrew’s. On September 15 and 22 we will present information about CAT to the congregation. This will help you understand the process and the importance of your participation. When the CAT is completed, we will work closely with our consultant to help us review and analyze the results. We will then share that information with the congregation. The results will be included as part of the profile of St. Andrew’s.

All costs of the CAT and our work with the consultant will be borne by the Diocese.

We are also working on the St. Andrew’s profile, the document that will be used to recruit potential candidates for our new rector.  A profile describes St. Andrew’s, our community – both the community of our church and the larger area – for prospective candidates.

As always, this is your process. So, if you have concerns, questions or suggestions, contact Denise Cox, Glenn Dorsch, Bobbi McCracken, Nichole Ericksen, or Doug Zimmer, your profile committee members.

Profile Committee UpdateJune 19, 2019
St. Andrew’s Profile Committee met on June 4 to begin developing a profile of our congregation to be used in the search for a new priest. The Committee, chaired by Denise Cox, includes Bobbi McCracken, Glenn Dorsch, Nichole Ericksen and Doug Zimmer.  During the first meeting the group assigned roles, discussed their hopes and expectations and considered the idea of a survey tool to help identify who St. Andrew’s is as a parish – what the values, beliefs, expectations, hopes and fears of our congregation may be – and where we want to go from here. The Committee is working with a diocesan consultant to determine whether the assessment tool under consideration can be customized to meet the needs of St. Andrew’s and how that might best be accomplished.

The committee is interested in hearing from you – they are investigating ways to gain as much congregational input as possible – so they encourage you to visit the St Andrew’s website, get on the mailing list for the weekly email bulletin (check in with the St Andrew’s office for details) or just get in touch with Committee members. This is your parish and your process so the Committee wants to hear from you.