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Committee Updates

Denise Cox, Chair | Bobbi McCracken | Glenn Dorsch | Doug Zimmer | Nichole Ericksen

| Rob Cox | Gayle Powell | Doug Zimmer | Ann Morris | Bette Worth | Norm Adams

Search Committee UpdateAugust 1, 2020

The Profile Committee has completed their project and members of the congregation have received a printed copy of the report to read and study.  The Diocese approved the report and will post the report with the Office of Transition Ministry.  For the time being, the Diocese has put the report on hold until the current Covid-19 pandemic has settled down.  

At that point in time, the Search Committee will meet to begin their process of looking for a new rector.  The committee members are: Ann Morris, Bette Worth, Gayle Powell, Norm Adams, Doug Zimmer and Rob Cox. For now the work of the Search Committee is on hold.

The calling of a new rector may seem like a slow moving process to some of you.  Please know that it is not unusual for the calling process to take two years or more.  We are living in a time where it may take a little longer, however we want the whole process to be in God’s time.  As Father Bob has said many times, God is in control and we need to pray and let Him lead us.

We, the people of St. Andrew’s are very fortunate to have Father Bob Hoem as our Interim Priest, Priest in Charge, to lead us through this time.  Father Bob has said that he is with us during this interim time and will remain until a new rector is called.

Thank you to the Profile Committee for their outstanding report.  We are grateful to each of you.

We are blessed!