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Prayer Requests


The following is a list of people for whom our prayers are asked. For the sick, lonely, and suffering; for those who mourn, and for those who rejoice, and others: Bob P, Lorene R, Lorene H, Bill E, Sandi E, Christina A, Sally K, Becca B, Kris D, Kristin V, Ramona H, Marge M, Alan K, and the members of the AA and NA groups, Dave M, Linda M, Joey, Jan H, Craig, Daniel’s mother, Bob P, Ginger H, Dee G, Tucker, Amy, and Brook G, Amber S, Joshua M, James B and family, Bob, Jo-Ann, Mason A, all who have been affected by Hurricane Laura, Pete S, all the families and businesses affected by the wildfires, all first responders, Norm, Pat, George, and Tom R, Suzanne H and family, and the family of Fr. Tom Murphy.

Those in current military service: Andrew Roth, Breanne Gunther, Ian Gunther, Nicole Hyde Derk, and Jordan Bush.

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  St. Hugh of Lincoln, Allyn, St. Germain, Hoodsport, St. David of Wales Shelton, Transfiguration, Darrington, St. Martin-St. Francis, Rockport

Birthdays:  Jane P, Jan W, Marley S, Ruth K, Richard W, Sammantha C, Phyllis C, Cody G, Jack S, Helene’ H, Denise C, Betty P, Gabrielle S, Louise B, Barbara D, Marlene C, Bruce W

Anniversaries:  Dennis and Barbara D, Bob and Jan W.