400 E. 1st St
Aberdeen, WA 98520



8:00 AM - Sunday

10:00 AM - Sunday

5:15 PM - Wednesday


Episcopalians believe that there is one loving God who creates all things, and who manifested that love by sending Jesus, the Son of God, to humanity to make clear that all people are first of all children of God. Jesus was born a full human being, was crucified and put to death by people who were threatened by his message and authority. Jesus was subsequently resurected from the dead and appeared to his disciples before ascending to heaven.


"Come and feel the love from the people! I miss you all at St. Andrews. Lots of loving and friendly people there."


"I been attending church here for over 40 years. Some folks are kinda like family. There is no music at the 8:00a.m. service, we sit up in the choir section, and have a good time in addition to getting a spiritual lift."


"Awesome place for worship and awesome place for a meeting people. I love going here and socializing with friends."

West Bend

"Love the structure of the Church and the folks who help with serving food for those in need and all the recovery services that they offer like NA. Good to know people do care"